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News & Magazine Websites Are Our Speciality

At Techniq, we specialise in dynamic and engaging news and magazine websites that go well-beyond the average. Our landmark organisation ReachExtra is a testament to the sheer possibilities that are available in the digital world for online news organisations.

News Websites that Generate Ad Revenue

You and your team work hard on crafting engaging content, and ad revenue is the lifeblood of your company. We make sure that your work pays off and your website generates traffic, impressions and ad clicks. We design to keep readers engaged, inspired and browsing through your site for as long as possible – creating attractive statistics for advertisers.

Well Beyond the Average

With almost unlimited possibilities and features to keep your users glued to the screen for as long as possible, your news / magazine website will be well above the rest with amazing features such as:

  • Paywalls for access to subscriber-only content.
  • Auto ad spots.
  • Fun quizzes.
  • Member profiles.
  • Article Collections: Organised by content the user engages with most (“You’ll like XYZ) and by “most popular” (most viewed articles of all time) and “trending now” (most viewed articles in the past 24 hours).
  • Dark and Light mode: Allow users to darken the screen for easy-on-the-eyes night-time viewing.

Easy to Use for Authors, Editors and Staff

The back-end of your site will be set up to facilitate easy access for specific user roles within your organisation. For example, an author will be able to login and easily write, upload their media and save their articles, which can then be approved and published by the Editor.

At Techniq, we specialise in news sites. Get in touch with us below.

What Our Partners say.

"The website quickly paid for itself within few months of going up, so the Return on Investment has been great! Now we are using Techniq’s advertising services and I am so happy with the quality of advertising. Worth every penny!!!"

Teresa Martinez


"Techniq did an absolutely amazing job in the creation of Aradia Print . The effective catchment of the landing page, speed of the site, great design & ease of use has directly assisted in the acquisition of many lucrative business contracts."

M.A. Smith


"Thank you so much, Techniq was easy to work with, even with answering my late emails! In our meetings they understood what I wanted and portrayed this in his designing of the new website. Very happy with the . On to project 2!"

Angelina Villa


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