Gibraltar Demo Cafe

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The Best Brew for the Best You

Get a taste of what Techniq can do for your establishment with our competitively priced, one-page websites. This page is fully functional so scroll, click buttons and test everything out.

High Quality

We build unique websites that showcase the very best of your establishment and builds your online presence and brand trust.

Brewed to Perfection

Like brewing the perfect cup of coffee, web design is a science. Techniq focusses on the small detail impressive results.

Value for Money

Competitively priced one page websites like this one start at £599.


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Open Mon - Fri

08:00 - 17:00


Your Menu

Showcase your menu and prices to potential customers. Use the swipe feature to show images of menu items that you want to highlight, including new menu additions. Alternatively, we can create a beautiful layout for your entire menu.

Special Coffees

Time to treat the office?

Highlight new products, special offers and package deals to attract more business.

Light Breakfast for 4: £25
  • x4 Lattes with syrup of your choice.
  • x4 Croissants with choice of strawberry jam, cream or marmelade
  • Free bag of sweets
Light Breakfast for 8: £49
  • x8 Lattes with syrup of your choice.
  • x8 Croissants with choice of strawberry jam, cream or marmelade.
  • x8 Pieces of fruit: Apple, banana, tangerine, nectarine...
  • Free bag of sweets.
Conference Breakfast for 8: £89
  • x8 Coffees of your choice.
  • X8 Croissants with choice of jam, cream or marmelade.
  • Selection of sandwiches.
  • Large chocolate sharing tray.

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We hope you enjoyed the tour of Techniq's Demo Cafe! Click below to check out our prices. Site's like this start from £599.