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Time is money, especially when you consider that, on average, 40% of users will exit your website if it hasn’t loaded after 3 seconds.

At Techniq, we optimise every image, icon and even the text for the fastest possible loading time.

But if you want a lightning-fast website that would impress even the most impatient potential customer, you should host with us. Our optimisation techniques plus our super-fast server will ensure that your site loads, on average, in 0.6 seconds.

Backups & Security

SafeWhen you host with us, you’ll get weekly backups of your website and security measures to defend agaiagainst hacks, attacks and malware.

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“The website quickly paid for itself within few months of going up, so the Return on Investment has been great! Now we are using Techniq’s advertising services and I am so happy with the quality of advertising. Worth every penny!!!”

Teresa Martinez


“Techniq did an absolutely amazing job in the creation of Aradia Print . The effective catchment of the landing page, speed of the site, great design & ease of use has directly assisted in the acquisition of many lucrative business contracts.”

M.A. Smith


“Thank you so much, Techniq was easy to work with, even with answering my late emails! In our meetings they understood what I wanted and portrayed this in his designing of the new website. Very happy with the . On to project 2!”

Angelina Villa


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