Iconic, Recognisable Logo Design Services in Gibraltar

Stand out from the crowd

At Techniq we understand that our clients want to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer full-service logo design and brand development packages, as well as website design.

To be more specific, a branding strategy will help people to quickly identify your products and organization, and give them a reason to choose your products over the competition.

Working With You to Bring Your Vision to Life

At Techniq we can help you develop a brand that extends beyond your logo. Your brand is the experience that customers will have with your product or service; it’s the look, feel and the certain intangible aspect of your company that the customer takes with them.

Identify and meet your customers

Consider your customer and who you are trying to reach and connect with when shaping your company’s tone of voice to be sure you are identifying and meeting your audience where they are.

Perfect Symphony

Your brand and logo need to be in perfect synchronization and sending a clear message about who you are, and most importantly, WHY.

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What Our Partners say.

"The website quickly paid for itself within few months of going up, so the Return on Investment has been great! Now we are using Techniq’s advertising services and I am so happy with the quality of advertising. Worth every penny!!!"

Teresa Martinez


"Techniq did an absolutely amazing job in the creation of Aradia Print . The effective catchment of the landing page, speed of the site, great design & ease of use has directly assisted in the acquisition of many lucrative business contracts."

M.A. Smith


"Thank you so much, Techniq was easy to work with, even with answering my late emails! In our meetings they understood what I wanted and portrayed this in his designing of the new website. Very happy with the . On to project 2!"

Angelina Villa


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