Social Media Marketing that Generates Sales & Clients

Opportunity online is greater than ever

As of 2023, there are 4.9 billion people using social media, presenting near limitless opportunities for having your brand heard, generating exposure and increasing sales and clients.

But you need to stand out & reach your target audience to succeed

In a highly globalised reality, where we are bombarded with thousands of advertising and marketing messages every day, understanding and connecting with your target customer or client is how we succeed.

And with the right strategy

It’s not just about advertising, its about communicating your message through well-written content and media and instilling lasting impressions so that your business is at the top of your potential customer’s mind when they need your products or services.

This is where we come in

Techniq helps your business reach your ideal audience, not only by understanding your brand, but also by understanding your client in the market in which you operate.

Our team offers social media marketing and content creation services with an excellent track record for generate sales and providing a return on investment, with a deep understanding of your brand and preferred communication style.

What Our Partners say.

"The website quickly paid for itself within few months of going up, so the Return on Investment has been great! Now we are using Techniq’s advertising services and I am so happy with the quality of advertising. Worth every penny!!!"

Teresa Martinez


"Techniq did an absolutely amazing job in the creation of Aradia Print . The effective catchment of the landing page, speed of the site, great design & ease of use has directly assisted in the acquisition of many lucrative business contracts."

M.A. Smith


"Thank you so much, Techniq was easy to work with, even with answering my late emails! In our meetings they understood what I wanted and portrayed this in his designing of the new website. Very happy with the . On to project 2!"

Angelina Villa


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