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The Project

What was the brief?

ReachExtra is a bilingual news media website under the Techniq company. Our goal with ReachExtra is to provide fresh angles and interesting stories and news from around Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar - focussing on business, culture, people, art, news, politics and travel. Click below to see what we did!

What did we do?

Webdesign: We designed the website to be fun, modern, fully functional and intuitive for a refreshing user experience. It is easy to use and navigate, with imagery taking centre stage.

We set up facilities to make the entire website fully translatable in English and Spanish, and included a very easy to use language switcher at the top of every page.

Techniq set up some incredible features within the website, which include:

  • Security against brute force attacks, spamming etc...
  • SSL certificate & encryption for protection of our users privacy.
  • Global advertising slots.
  • Easy to use sign up forms and mailshot signups.
  • Easy to use user profiles for guest contributors and frontend article submissions.
  • Translation management.
  • Easy social media share buttons.

Website speed improvement (we use a lot of images, so fast loading times are key).

Mobile: Our entire website perfectly adapts to whatever size screen our audience is using. From mobiles, to tablets, 15-inch desktop computers to wide HD TVs...

SEO: We have successfully built and managed the website's SEO, with many of our articles appearing as the very first result on Google, Bing and Yahoo. ReachExtra recieves up to 25,000 views per month

Social Media: We manage all of ReachExtra's social media - with a particular focus on Facebook and Instagram. Our social media success is reflected in the high click-through rates to the website.

Content Creation: All content is managed by us, from engaging and intriguing articles and stunning photography, to social media posts and advertisements for the brand.

Translation: We manage all professional translations of the website, ensuring that every article is written with the regions culture and colloquialisms in mind so that every article reads naturally.

What was the result?

ReachExtra is a firmly established and well known media company in Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar. Our readers love us for our interesting content, investigative journalism, stunning photography and refreshing style when it comes to news.

We understand our audience perfectly and this is reflected in our writing style - whether you're from Gibraltar, San Roque, La Línea or Jimena - our articles show our intimate understanding of the region, different cultures and writing styles. This is thanks to the fantastic ReachExtra team.

Our social media platforms are a roaring success and we continue to grow every day.

Note: We offer very good prices for all advertising and advertorials for ReachExtra when you organise it through us.

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