The Psychology of Colours in Web Design & Branding

Author: Chris Gomez, Managing Director

Techniq's results-focused web design & marketing expert, merging communication and sales expertise with eight years' experience in driving revenue and crafting online experiences for Gibraltar's leading businesses.

When it comes to web design, everything we do here at Techniq is geared towards three things:

  1. Aligning the website with your brand identity (or creating your brand identity if you’re also using our branding services).
  2. Ensuring the user experience is easy, intuitive and, in some cases, as fun as possible.
  3. Generating more sales and / or clients.

So, it will come as no surprise to hear that the colour scheme of your website has a huge impact on how people perceive your business.

Within miliseconds, visitors instinctively know whether they’re on an amateur site or a professional and trust-worthy website - before even having read any of your testimonials or great value services or products.

This is due to the role of the subconscious in decision making. The subconscious is like the hidden part of our mind where thoughts, feelings, memories, and mental processes occur without us consciously thinking about them.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of selecting colours, it's essential to understand the psychology of colours and how they impact the visitor on a subconscious level.

Different colours evoke various emotions and perceptions, and this knowledge can be harnessed to create a compelling user experience.

Red is associated with excitement, energy, and passion. It can be used for call-to-action buttons to grab users' attention. Food-related companies like can deploy this to stimulate apetite and passion.

Blue represents trust, reliability, stability and calmness. It's often used by tech companies and financial institutions.

Green signifies growth, health, and tranquillity. It's ideal for websites related to nature, wellness, and sustainability. This colour greatly benefits health and wellness brands and organic produce distributors.

Yellow is all about optimism, warmth, and creativity. It can be used sparingly to highlight key elements. Companies selling products for young audiences tend to go with this colour to grab attention.

Purple symbolizes luxury, creativity, and sophistication. It's great for businesses aiming for a high-end image, such as fashion designers, car manufacturers and design agencies greatly benefit from this colour.

Orange radiates enthusiasm, vitality, and friendliness. It can be used for a friendly and approachable brand - such as local cafes or restaurants, tourguides and even fitness clubs benefit from this colour.

Now Your Brand Needs to Stand Out

It's not just the colours you choose, its about the tones, shades, vibrancy and much more that differentiates you from the competition, and this also has a scientifically-backed psychology behind it.

Your brand identity should be the guiding star when selecting a colour palette. Think about your company's mission, values, and the message you want to convey.

At Techniq, we are firm believers that your website's colours should align with these aspects.

For a retail store selling eco-products for example, we would advise that your company will benefit from a combination of pastel, organic colours such as pale earthy brown with contrasting vibrant green accents.

Creating a Palette

Limit Your Palette: Stick to a manageable number of colours, typically three to five. Too many colours won’t do you any favours and may be overwhelming.

Balance Warm and Cool Tones: A balanced mix of warm and cool colours can create visual interest. Warm colours can draw attention, while cool colours can provide a sense of calm.

Test Accessibility: Ensure that your chosen colours are accessible to all users, including those with visual impairments.

Consider Trends Carefully: While it's good to stay updated with design trends, remember that they come and go. Focus on a timeless palette that will endure instead of jumping on the latest trends.

Choosing the right colon palette for your website is a strategic decision that can impact your brand's perception and user engagement.

By considering the psychology of colours, aligning with your brand identity and creating a harmonious palette, you can optimize your website for maximum effectiveness.

Of course, the science of colours and branding goes much deeper than this - thats why Techniq has been trusted to help develop some fantastic brands Gibraltar as well as producing websites that truly stand out.

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