Why Your Store Needs a Website to Succeed in Selling Online

In the age of social media, some businesses owners may believe they don’t “need” a website but, your website is an extension of your image and brand - your “shop front”.

First, potential customers need to see that your store is credible and trustworthy, and that all starts with your website.

For example, imagine you are looking for watches online. You find one you like, but the company (“WatchShack”) only has a Facebook and Instagram account.

Their Facebook page has good-sized following and some great reviews, but you’re not convinced enough yet to hand over your card details and make a purchase, especially when it’s over £100. 

When you enquire about their product, they email you back from watchshack22@gmail.com. They’re friendly, professional and helpful, but it’s a generic Gmail account…

You decide to keep looking and come across another watch listed on social media by “Watches R Us”.

They’ve got a decent following and great reviews.

You click on their “About” section and find a link to their website.

The website is modern, loads quickly and the design shows that they have really thought about their branding and presentation; a much better first impression.

Their website connection is encrypted (the little lock icon on the search bar and the https:// prefix on the link) - this lets you know that your connection is private and your browsing activity is safer.

When you click on the product, you’re presented with all the information about the watch: The brand, description, colour options, material, strap sizes, battery size, customisations… Below this there’s a review section for that product and people mostly like the product.

You then check their payment options and are given several payment choices, for example:

  • PayPal: PayPal have a fraud protection facility to safeguard you against fraudulent transactions.

  • WorldPay (Visa / Mastercard): WorldPay require businesses to provide their company details and have a fraud protection service.

This makes you feel secure in making your purchase, but you still have a few questions.

You use their contact form and get a friendly, professional and helpful response from customersupport@watchesrus.com.

Good social media reviews; great-looking, fast-loading, branded website; official customer service address; full business email; secure connection; secure payment options; full product details…

It is easy to see why customers prefer to spend their money with companies that have their own professional website.

In the age of social media, some businesses may believe they don’t “need” a website but, along with everything else mentioned, as well as offering reassurance to your potential customers, your website is an extension of your image and brand - your “shop front”.

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